Intimate surgery

A wide variety of reasons can prompt a woman to have her genital area surgically corrected. For example, a pubic area that does not correspond to one's own ideal self-image and is perceived as less aesthetically pleasing can sometimes lead to intense psychological stress. In addition to medical indications due to mental or physical complaints, purely aesthetic considerations can also be the reason, of course. I will be happy to advise you on this sensitive topic so that you feel comfortable in your body again.
Dr. Kai Klasmeyer
Dr. Kai Klasmeyer - Die Praxis

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Everything you need to know about intimate surgery

About one in five women in Germany are dissatisfied with their genital area. The number of requests for corrective operations in the genital area is steadily increasing.

Nevertheless, the desire for an operation in the intimate area is still a taboo subject. But this should not prevent you from feeling perfectly comfortable in your body again.

Inner labia that are too big, outer labia that are perceived as too large or too small, asymmetries or a mons veneris that is perceived as too voluminous can all lead to feelings of shame and affect your quality of life. In addition to physical complaints and even pain, changes in the way you experience pleasure can occur, resulting in an impairment of your sexuality.

I will be happy to advise you on this sensitive topic so that you feel comfortable in your body again.

You can fulfil your desire for an aesthetic procedure without having to wait. You can pay conveniently in instalments and do not have to pay the entire amount at once.
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