Liposuction (Liposuction)

Society increasingly equates attractiveness with an athletic and toned figure. At the same time, the problem zones and fat deposits, which cannot be lastingly reduced with either diet or sport, are becoming a growing problem in the population. For those affected, liposuction is ideal: It is a minimally invasive method that removes excess fat cells and creates a harmonious body feeling.
Dr. Kai Klasmeyer
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Everything you need to know about liposuction

Despite doing sports and eating consciously, most people have fat deposits that negatively affect the contour of their body and are therefore perceived as unpleasant. In these cases, liposuction offers the possibility to adapt these areas to the silhouette of the body.

At Klasmeyer Aesthetics, we exclusively use the modern and gentle technique of water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL). With this type of liposuction, a pulsed water jet gently separates the connective tissue from the fatty tissue, which is then removed by means of suction. This protects the surrounding tissue.

The procedure has several advantages over other techniques. With the "classic" method of liposuction (tumescent technique), for instance, a lot of fluid has to be introduced into the subcutaneous fat tissue, which leads to a "swelling" of the tissue and thus to a blurring of all contours – this can impair the overall result. Also, with water-jet assisted liposuction, there is no intense heat development; this prevents the post-operative swelling of the tissue that occurs with the ultrasound or laser-assisted techniques.

With liposuction using the WAL technique, almost all of the fluid is removed simultaneously, making it possible to assess the contour at any time and reducing the risk of contour irregularities.

The surgical access points are only 2-3 mm in size and almost invisible after healing.

Furthermore, due to the reduced traumatisation of the tissue, you will be fit and agile again more quickly. I will be happy to explain all the details in a personal consultation.

  • Duration of the operation: 1-2 hours
  • Type of anaesthesia: General anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with twilight sleep
  • Stay: Outpatient or overnight stay – naturally, it depends on your wishes
  • Removal of the stitches after 12 days
  • Check-ups take place 1, 7 and 14 days after the operation.
  • Further appointments can be arranged upon request.
  • Do not take blood-thinning medication such as Aspirin, ASA, Plavix, Marcumar, etc. for 14 days before a planned operation!

You can fulfil your desire for an aesthetic procedure without having to wait. You can pay conveniently in instalments and do not have to pay the entire amount at once.
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