Breast reduction (Breast reduction surgery)

To satisfy your sense of body aesthetics, the size of breasts that are too large can be reduced to create a harmonious, balanced proportional relationship with the rest of the body. However, there are often medical reasons for a breast reduction. For example, many women with large breasts complain of chronic neck and back pain. Breast reduction surgery can significantly help improve the quality of your life.
Breast reduction
Dr. Kai Klasmeyer
Dr. Kai Klasmeyer - Die Praxis

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In addition to the scheduled post-operative examinations (1, 7 and 14 days after the operation), you can of course make appointments for further check-ups.

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Everything you need to know about breast reduction

Breasts that are too large and heavy can be a burden in more ways than one. Breasts that are too large can, for instance, impair the overall harmonious appearance of the body. In addition, the increased weight of the breasts shifts the body's centre of gravity from the middle to the front. The result is a negative impact on the body's structural stability, leading to pain and premature wear and tear of the spine.

The most common complaints resulting from this are neck and shoulder pain, tension headaches and back pain.

A breast reduction, which always includes a breast lift allows you to optimise all aspects at the same time. The result is smaller, lighter, rounder and more youthful breasts. In our practice clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery, we use modern techniques that minimise scarring after the breast reduction and support long-lasting shape stability. This ensures that you will enjoy the result for years to come.

In a personal consultation, we will together find the breast reduction technique that is appropriate for you, taking into account the unique qualities of your breasts and your wishes.

  • Duration of the operation: 2-3 hours
  • Type of anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
  • Stay: An overnight stay is recommended.
  • We use dissolvable stitches that do not have to be removed.
  • Compression bra for 6 weeks
  • Check-ups take place 1, 7 and 14 days after the operation.
  • Further appointments can be arranged upon request at any time.
Do not take blood-thinning medication such as Aspirin, ASA, Plavix, Marcumar, etc. for 14 days before a planned operation!
You can fulfil your desire for an aesthetic procedure without having to wait. You can pay conveniently in instalments and do not have to pay the entire amount at once.
We will be happy to discuss the details in a personal consultation.
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