Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

In most cases, a tummy tuck is preceded by major changes in the patient's body, such as pregnancy or a significant weight loss due to which the abdominal wall has started sagging and lost its elasticity. A good fitness routine, targeted muscle training and strict discipline rarely lead to a tighter abdomen – this can be  incredibly frustrating for those affected.
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Everything you need to know about a tummy tuck

Significant weight changes, pregnancy and a loss of skin elasticity can cause excess skin to form in the area of the abdominal wall. If the elastic fibres of the skin are overstretched and have lost their elasticity, even exercise and further weight reduction cannot reduce this excess skin and improve the visual appearance without surgery.

Depending on the clinical condition and the cause, you can choose from several surgical techniques for a tummy tuck to achieve the desired result. For example, it may be sufficient to tighten the lower abdomen area, a so-called mini-abdominoplasty. This is mainly an option for patients who have a small amount of excess skin exclusively in the lower abdomen or complain about a noticeably retracted lower abdominal scar (e.g. after a caesarean section, an appendectomy or a hysterectomy).

However, if there is excess skin on the entire abdominal wall, a complete tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with an adjustment of the belly button is probably the suitable surgical method for you.

Depending on the diagnosis, the operation can be extended to include the treatment of a possible simultaneous umbilical hernia or diastasis recti (straight abdominal muscles that have moved apart) or liposuction, e.g. of the flanks.

In addition, a more elegant contouring of the flanks can be achieved by tightening the straight abdominal muscles. Special techniques to adjust the navel accentuate the mid-belly.

If it is beneficial for the overall result, the fascial systems underneath the skin in the lower abdomen can be tightened, in addition. This can also be done, if desired, to achieve an additional, natural tightening of the pubic area.

I will be happy to explain which tummy tuck technique is the right one for you in a personal consultation at our practice clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Cologne.

  • Duration of the operation: 2-3 hours
  • Type of anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
  • Stay: Outpatient or with an overnight stay, depending on the clinical condition
  • We use dissolvable stitches that do not have to be removed.
  • Compression garments for 6 weeks
  • Check-ups take place 1, 7 and 14 days after the operation.
  • Further appointments can be arranged upon request.

Do not take blood-thinning medication such as Aspirin, ASA, Plavix, Marcumar, etc. for 14 days before a planned operation!

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